More than 7,000 flights around the world canceled due to Omicron spread


In the aftermath of the spread of COVID-19 micron mutations, travelers around the world are ruining their Christmas holiday plans.

According to FlightAware, an American flight tracking site, 7,202 flights were canceled worldwide over the three days from Christmas Eve to Sunday today (26th).

Among them, 2,187 flights to and from the US international flights and US domestic flights were counted.

The number of canceled flights increased from 2,380 the day before to 2,857 yesterday.

Today, 1,965 flights have been canceled.

As the number of canceled flights increases, the figure continues to fluctuate.

This large-scale cancellation is due to the increased demand for air passengers on Christmas Day, while the manpower shortage in the aviation industry has worsened due to the prevalence of the more contagious Omicron mutation.

Many pilots, flight attendants and airport workers have recently contracted COVID-19 or have been classified as close contacts and are unable to work, US media reported.

In addition, bad weather overlapped in some sections, further exacerbating the aviation turmoil.

Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and JetBlue Airways have canceled more than 10% of all flights that day.

United Airlines spokeswoman Maddy King told the Associated Press that it was “unpredictable” that the manpower shortage caused by the Omicron mutation was “unpredictable” and it is unclear when normal operations will begin.

In a statement the day before, the airline apologized to customers, saying, “This week’s nationwide surge in Omicron confirmed cases has had a direct impact on our staff.”

As such, as the manpower shortage for workers in essential industries such as the aviation industry worsened due to the Omicron mutation, some countries, such as the UK and Spain, started to shorten the quarantine period.

Delta Air Lines and JetBlue Airways also recently sent open letters to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, requesting a shorter quarantine period.

China is the country with the most severe Christmas cancellations this year.

According to FlightAware, Chinese airports are at the top of the list of airports with the most canceled flights this holiday season.

The Associated Press reported that it was not clear why the number of flight cancellations was concentrated at China’s airports, but “China is implementing strict quarantine measures with frequent lockdown measures.” did,” he said.

China Eastern Airlines and Air China have canceled more than 20% of all flights in the two days from the previous day.

In addition, German Lufthansa and Australian airlines have canceled a number of flights due to staff shortages.

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