Lee Jae-myung “Transfer tax in the middle and deferred to 4, 3, 3 months after the election”


Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung has announced that he will push for a plan to reduce the transfer tax for multi-family homes after the election. The 10 months are divided into 4, 3, 3 for differential exemption, which is in stark contrast to the current government.

Reporter Yoo Soo-hwan reports.

Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung announced that he would implement the heavy and deferred capital gains tax for multi-homeowners until the end of next year after the presidential election.

[이재명/민주당 대선 후보 : 3월 9일에 (대통령) 선거는 끝나니까, 또 그때는 상황이 바뀔 것이고, 그러면 12월까지 해서 ‘4·3·3(개월)’ 이렇게 하든지….]

From March to June next year, the entire amount of heavy tax imposed on multi-family home buyers who sell houses will be reduced, half by September and a quarter by December.

Candidate Lee announced on the 12th that if the transfer tax is suspended, “supply will expand as multi-housing owners put their houses on the market.” .

As it was interpreted as a struggle between the old and the new power, Lee finally solidified his position after the election.

Candidate Lee also proposed a plan to build a new house on the site after undergrounding Seoul Subway Line 1 as one of the real estate measures.

The 169-seat Democratic Party and the 3-seat proportional party, the Open Democratic Party, agreed to unite the party under the name of ‘Democratic Party’.

It is part of the passport integration strategy ahead of the presidential election following the coalition of the Citizens’ Party, which was a satellite party after the general election last year.

(Video coverage: Kim Seung-tae, video editing: Yumira, screen provided: KBS Sunday Diagnosis)


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