In December, the nationwide house price increased by 0.5% in KB market price… Slowing to less than 1% in 14 months


The rise in house prices nationwide this month has slowed to less than 1% for the first time in 14 months.

According to KB Kookmin Bank, as of the 13th, the average house sale price nationwide this month rose 0.50% from the previous month.

After recording an increase of 0.67% in October of last year, the national house price has shown an increase of 1% since November of the same year, but the increase has decreased to less than 1% in 14 months.

By region, the rate of increase in house prices in Seoul was 0.73% last month, which had already fallen below 1%, and this month it recorded 0.37%, a smaller increase.

The increase in house prices in the metropolitan area slowed to 0.53% this month from 1.11% in the previous month.

The five major metropolitan cities (Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Ulsan, Gwangju) and other provinces also saw their house price increase this month by 0.37% and 0.58%, respectively, showing a smaller increase compared to the previous month.

The national average Jeonse price rose 0.43% this month, down from 0.73% recorded last month.

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