“I inflated my career and wrote it wrong”… Kim Gun-hee public apology


We will start with the news of the press conference of Kim Gun-hee, wife of presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, who is the power of the people. Kim apologized, saying, “I inflate my career to look good, and there are some things I wrote wrong.” I asked for forgiveness, but there was nothing specific about what I did wrong and how.

This is the first news reporter Bae Jun-woo.

For the first time since the presidential run of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, his wife, Kun-hee Kim, stood in public.

The public apology was issued 12 days after allegations of false history surrounding academic backgrounds and careers surfaced.

[김건희/윤석열 국민의힘 대선후보 부인 : 일과 학업을 함께 하는 과정에서 제 잘못이 있었습니다. 잘 보이려고 경력을 부풀리고 잘못 적은 것도 있었습니다.]

“Looking back, it was such a shame,” he said, acknowledging his mistake as a whole, and then bowed his head, saying, “Please forgive me.”

He said, “I will be careful to meet the public’s eye level,” and expressed his intention to minimize external activities before the election.

[김건희/윤석열 국민의힘 대선후보 부인 : 남은 선거 기간 동안 조용히 반성하고 성찰하는 시간을 갖겠습니다.]

She also revealed several times that she was becoming a burden to her husband, candidate Yoon Seok-yeol.

[김건희/윤석열 국민의힘 대선후보 부인 : 저 때문에 남편이 비난받는 현실에 너무 가슴이 무너집니다.]

In the six-minute interview where he read three pages of A4 paper that he had prepared, Mr. Kim said the words ‘sorry’ and ‘sorry’ six times, and ‘wrong’ and ‘ignorance’ five times.

In the passage of personal stories such as past miscarriage experiences, there were even tears of tears.

After reading the statement, Kim did not take any questions from reporters and left the company immediately.

Candidate Yoon told reporters after his wife’s interview, “My wife said she was sorry to the people, and I feel the same way.”

(Video coverage: Kim Seung-tae, video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)

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