“I have a boyfriend… I support my ex-husband’s best prayer” Direct confession of love


YouTuber Yu Seil-ip (real name Yu Ye-rin) confessed that he had a boyfriend.

On the 25th, sesame leaf uploaded a video titled ‘There is a person I meet’ on the YouTube channel that he runs.

In the video, Yoo Sesameap confessed, “I have turned on this video to give an important notice while operating my YouTube channel.

He continued, “There are people I meet, and they understand my situation and everything like that. He knows what kind of person I am.” He said, “I think you will be very curious about my boyfriend, but in this video, I’m only talking about parts of it, so I’ll keep my words short.”

Regarding the reason for confessing to the relationship, Yu Se-nib said, “You must know that I’m a huge householder. Except for work, I don’t go out much. I was afraid of people, and I hated the way people looked at me.” He explained, “It’s not a sin to meet people.

In addition, Yu Sesame Leaf expressed her concerns about running her own YouTube channel and said, “I plan to try new content that I can do with my boyfriend on a daily basis.” He added, “In this process, my boyfriend’s doctor is also important, so we talked about it a few months ago. I also discussed it with Koki-nim, and thankfully, both of them spoke positively and supported me. That gave me strength.”

In particular, Yu Sesame Leaf mentioned the amount of pine needles she had with her ex-husband Choi Ki-ki. He said, “I have been constantly meeting with Pinesi,” he said, “I didn’t talk to him about my boyfriend right now. When it comes to the process of learning about relationships with people, at that point, I have no intention of hiding it. I think we should talk more about that with Goki-nim,” and emphasized, “There is absolutely no such thing as neglecting Pine-nib, so you don’t have to worry.”

Yoo Sesame Leaf married YouTuber Choi Choi Ki (real name Choi Beom-gyu) in 2016 and gave birth to a daughter, Pine Pine. The two divorced after 5 years of marriage, and they appeared together on TV Chosun’s ‘We Got Divorce’ and gathered topics.

[사진 = 유튜브 채널 ‘유깻잎’ 영상 캡처]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)


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