Half of the food delivery drivers “experienced a car accident”… Accidents when rushed↑


Nearly half of the workers (drivers) registered with food delivery platform companies were found to have experienced a traffic accident.

It has been found that drivers who have been urged to deliver by restaurants or customers have a much higher rate of experience in traffic accidents.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor announced that these results were obtained as a result of a survey of 5,626 articles registered with six delivery platform companies, including Baemin Riders, Coupang Eats, Barogo, Idea, Booreung, and Super Hero.

47% (2,620 people) of the respondents said that they had experienced a traffic accident during delivery, and it was found that they experienced an average of 2.4 accidents.

The most common cause of accidents was ‘violation of traffic laws of the other party or the person’ with 73% (1909 people), followed by ‘weather situation’ with 13% (333 people).

86% (4,858 people) of the total respondents were restaurants (4,189 people) or customers (3,772 people), local delivery agencies (1,690 people), and delivery platform companies (1,558 people, overlapping more than 1,558 people) ) answered that they have experienced delivery urging from others.

The rate of accidents among drivers who experienced a delivery prompt was 50.3% (2,443 people), which is more than double the rate of drivers who did not experience an accident (23.0%, 177 people).

As the reason for hastening delivery, ‘Fulfill next order’ was the most frequent with 65% (3,648 people), followed by ‘Hurry up delivery’ with 28% (1,573 people).

Of the total respondents, 95% (5,355 people) were male and 5% (271 people) were female.

By age group, those in their 30s accounted for the most with 35% (1,963 people), and those in their 40s (34% (1,918 people)), those in their 20s and younger 19.9% ​​(1,119 people), 10.2% in their 50s (577 people), and those in their 60s or older It was classified as 0.9% (49 persons).

As a result of checking whether 17 food delivery platform companies across the country fulfill their safety measures obligations, the Ministry of Labor found violations of 12 companies, imposed fines, and demanded correction.

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