From the DJ to the cast… Local FM radio made by local residents


It’s an official radio station that uses FM frequencies, but there’s a community radio that can only be heard in a few nearby towns.

Reporter Jeong Seong-jin will tell you what it feels like when residents directly appear and deliver news from the area.

A native of Okcheon, Chungcheongbuk-do in 1972, the grandfather of Kang Gu-seop.

Listening to the radio while working in a key store of less than 1 pyeong is my only pleasure.

Recently, one pleasure has increased.

104.9MHz Okcheon FM.

[강구섭/열쇠가게 운영 : 틀어보니까 옥천 방송이라고 아무래도 좀 배울 점이 있겠지, 안 그렇겠어.]

Taxi driver Man-jong Ju, who has been a foot for the residents of Okcheon-gun for 40 years, also became a listener.

[주만종/택시기사 : 오늘 전부 인사 많이 나오더라고요. 옥천에 이제 무슨 소식이라든지, 이제 앞으로 기대가 되죠.]

From teenagers to overseas immigrants, DJs, cast members, and any Okcheon residents participate.

[옥천FM 공동체라디오 목요일 오후 ‘두 시의 데이트’ 김용주입니다.]

Okcheon FM, which opened on the 21st, is characterized as a community radio that takes advantage of local characteristics and publicity amid the flood of internet and SNS.

[이해수/옥천FM 공동체라디오 편성국장 : 읍면 구석구석 소외된 분들 없이 각자의 이야기를 전할 수 있는 그런 매체가 되길 희망합니다.]

Through the transmission tower installed in the center of Okcheon-eup, the story of the neighborhood is delivered to 13,000 households in the township and neighboring towns.

[한상혁/방송통신위원장 : 지역 주민들의 삶을 끈끈하게 이어주는 이러한 매체는 부족한 것이 현실입니다. (공동체 라디오가) 지역 주민들의 삶을 보다 낫게 개선할 수 있는 이러한 매체로서 성장할 수 있기를 (기대합니다.)]

Since 2014, there have been only 7 community radios, adding 20 new operators this year, establishing themselves as a neighborhood sarangbang.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-soo, video editing: Yumira)

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