“European satellite that was monitoring Russian troops near Ukraine’s border broke due to external attack”


▲ Sentinel-1B satellite

Amid heightened tensions over Russia’s preparations for an invasion of Ukraine, reports have emerged that a western satellite that was monitoring Russian forces on the Ukrainian border was under attack and malfunctioned.

Avia.pro, a Russian aviation news site, cited the European Space Agency’s (ESA) announcement, and the Earth observation satellite ‘Sentinel-1B’, which ESA launched in 2016, was damaged by an external attack. It was reported that the repair was continuing for three days from the 23rd.

ESA said, “Sentinel-1B has not been operating since the 23rd and has not produced data.”

Avia Prosite reports that Russia has expressed strong dissatisfaction with European satellites monitoring its military assets.

He added that Russian electronic warfare equipment deployed near the Ukrainian border has sufficient capacity to destroy Western satellites.

The site added, however, that so far there is no clear evidence that the ESA satellite failure was caused by a Russian attack.

(Photo = European Space Agency site data video capture, Yonhap News)


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