Democratic Party raises suspicions “Kim Kun-hee, planning director at the time of applying for Seoul National University’s GLA…Actually, thank you”


Today (26th), the Democratic Party’s current affairs task force in the election committee claimed that Kim Kun-hee, the spouse of presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, who is the People’s Power, applied for the Seoul National University Cultural Content Global Leader (GLA) course and claimed to be H Culture Technology’s ‘planning director’, but the actual position raised the suspicion that it was ‘thanks’.

In a press release, the TF said, “According to the list of admissions for the Seoul National University GLA course submitted by the Korea Cultural Content Agency, Kim seems to have applied to Seoul National University with the position of ‘planning director’ of H Culture Technology.” According to the report, it is confirmed that Mr. Kim was registered as an auditor of H Culture Technology from the time the company was established to November 2006.”

“Considering that Article 411 of the Commercial Act prohibits concurrent positions as a director of auditors, it is questionable whether Mr. Kim could have served as a planning director around May to June 2006, when he applied for the Seoul National University GLA course.”

Previously, the Democratic Party stated that Kim had been working for H Culture Technology since December 2, 2003 in the documents submitted to Suwon Women’s University in 2007, but also pointed out that the date of establishment of the company was November 30, 2004.

TF head Kim Byung-gi said, “As the GLA program at Seoul National University is a government-funded project, a transparent and thorough selection process is essential.” do,” he emphasized.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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