December 27 greetings


⊙ Ministry of Employment and Labor ◇Department Manager level △Employment Culture Improvement Policy Department Lee Sang-Im △Central Labor Commission Planning Manager Baek Young-Sik △Seoul Employment Center Director Choi Jun-Ha ⊙ JoongAng Group JoongAng Ilbo ◇Editor △Economic Industry (Content Coordinator) Kim Won-Bae △Society (Civil Society and Environment Research Institute) Concurrent) Choi Hyun-cheol △ Policy Cho Min-geun △ Culture Shin Joon-bong △ Sports Jeong-won △ Visual Seon-gu Byun △ Mobile24 Lee Jin-soo △ Mobile 24 Division Cheon In-seong △ Mobile Coordinator Cho Mun-gyu △ Leisure content 〃 (Leisure team leader) Son Min-ho △ Industrial Lee Sang-jae △ Living economy Byung-ju Moon △ Exploration Go Seong-pyo △ Social Policy Nam Yunseo △Photo Lim Hyeondong △Video content Won Jeonghwan △Mobile editor Kim Hyungjin △Eco Hong Joohee △Think (and editorial) Ahn Hyeri △Design development Jinhwan Bang △Culture senior reporter Lee Hunam ◇Responsible editorial staff Sujeong Seoh Kyungho Joo Jeongwan △Content production editor Seungnyeong Lee Sugi Joo-Young Han, Young-Ik Han △Chief 〃 Shin Yong-Ho ◇Mobile Service Department △Parents Team Leader Jeong Seon-Eun ◇Advertising Division △Advertising Director Choi Myung-Ki △Business 〃 Kim Young-Taek △AD Biz Team 1 Team Leader Lee Ju-Hyeong △〃2〃 Yang Yong-Yeol △Plan Advertisement 〃 Lee Kyung-Moon ◇Biz Solution Headquarters △Marketing Solution Director Gu Myung-seo △Marketing Solution 1 Chun-woo Park △〃2 Um Tae-gyu △ Content Business Han Ye-rin △ Digital 〃 Park Chan-jong △ Cooking Hwang Jeong-ok JTBC △ Reporting Representative Lim Jong-ju △ Digital News Director (mobile production team leader) Cho Tae-soo ⊙ Etners △ Managing Director Kim Min-ho, Jang Young-mi, Jin Hee-chang, Heo Hoon △ Director Seo Kwang-gyu Shim Dae-hyun, Ahn Deok-cheol Etners Design △ Managing Director Lee Jung-hwan

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