December 27 Bad News


◆ Hong-Kyung Kim (Director of Shinnong Byeokcho Oriental Medicine Clinic, expert on sandam acupuncture) passed away: At 8 pm on the 23rd, Busan Paik Hospital. (051)890-6319.◆ Jongmo Lee passed away: Donghan (Director of the Department of Health and Welfare, Daejeon) Father = 25th at 5:03 am Chungnam National University Hospital in Daejeon. On the 27th, 7:30 am. (042)280-6463. ◆ Ahn Joo-baek passed away: Dong-soon Park (Director of Public Relations Team, University of Ulsan) Dong-baek (Responsible for relay team at Lotte Chemical) Mira (former Ulsan)

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