‘Cold wave after heavy snow’ nationwide… The sky and sea routes are blocked and accidents follow one after another


On the 26th, the last holiday of the new year, heavy snowfall and the strongest cold wave froze the whole country, blocking the sky and boat routes, and accidents large and small followed.

On the east coast of Gangwon-do, where a maximum of 50 cm of heavy snow fell, a cold wave of around -20 degrees below zero was swept through as a ‘heavy hit’.

Sokcho, Gangwon-do and Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do continued to experience the strongest ‘cold’ ever, such as renewing the lowest temperature extreme in late December.

Residents were exhausted from clearing the frozen snow, and cars running on the icy roads crawled all day long.

A lot of snow fell in Jeju and Honam, also disrupting aircraft operations and shipping routes.

From the evening of the 24th, the eve of Christmas, to the morning of Christmas, the amount of snow that fell in the Gangwon region recorded 55.9 cm in Sokcho, 35.3 cm in Bukgangneung, 23.3 cm in Seorak-dong, 21.1 cm in East Sea, 19.4 cm in Misiryeong and 19.1 cm in Jinburyeong.

To make matters worse, today (26th) the morning temperature is -25.5 degrees in Imnam of Cheorwon, -21.4 degrees in Sangseo in Hwacheon, -21.2 degrees in Daegwallyeong, -19.8 degrees in Jumunjin in Gangneung, -16.1 degrees in Chuncheon, -14.9 degrees in Bukgangneung, -14.9 degrees in Sokcho, -14.9 degrees in Donghae – It was the coldest so far this year at 9.6 degrees Celsius.

Sokcho set a new record for the strongest cold wave, breaking the lowest temperature extreme in December for the first time in 42 years since 1979.

In Gangneung, 6 greenhouses collapsed in the heavy snow, and two fishing boats anchored in Jumunjin-eup and Yeongok-myeon could not withstand the weight of the snow and were flooded.

In Sokcho and Yangyang, where 50 centimeters of snow fell the previous day, a cold wave raged before snow removal work, causing great inconvenience to residents.

Over the weekend, vehicles on their way home from various places in Gangwon-do were tangled up, causing great congestion.

Soldiers belonging to the 102nd Armored Brigade, subordinate to the 8th Corps in charge of the East Coast region, carried out snow removal work in Sokcho and Yangyang this afternoon.

The mercury in Seoul dropped to -15.5 degrees below zero, and at the central water management office of the Seoul Facilities Corporation in Jongno-gu, Seoul, there were piles of meters collected because they were frozen by the cold.

Winter cold wave cold Jeju International Airport (Photo=Yonhap News)In Jeju, severe cold and a lot of snow fell, which disrupted flights and caused accidents.

With the heavy snow warning in effect, tours to Hallasan Mountain were completely controlled today, and both large and small vehicles were suspended on 1100 Road, a mountainous road, due to snow and icing.

Flight operations were also disrupted.

At Jeju Airport, 24 flights to and from Jeju have been canceled so far, and dozens of flights have been delayed.

In the west coast of Jeollanam-do, traffic was restricted in various places due to heavy snowfall amid strong cold.

Three roads, including Gurye Seongsamjae, Jindo Dumokjae and Daemyung Resort entrance, were closed due to heavy snow.

As of 10 a.m. today, out of 86 passenger ships on 53 routes going to and from the island areas such as Mokpo, Yeosu, and Wando, the operation of 33 routes and 45 routes was also controlled.

The snow accumulated today recorded 33.8 cm in Jeju Eorimok, 33 cm in Muan Haehwa in Jeollanam-do, 23 cm in Yunnam in Muan, 21.9 cm in Yeonggwang hydrochloric acid, 15.6 cm in Mokpo, 13.5 cm in Abhaedo in Sinan, and 10.4 cm in Sangmudae in Jangseong.

There was also a lot of snow mainly in the west coast area, such as Gochang 13.9cm in Jeollabuk-do, 10.8cm in Buan, and 3.5cm in Gunsan.

There were also fires and traffic accidents.

At 10:43 am on the 26th, a fire broke out at a sofa factory in Cheonhyeon-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do.

There were no casualties, but factory buildings and equipment were burned.

At around 3 am today, a fire broke out in a 50-square-meter detached house in Cheonhyeon-ri, Duchon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do.

The fire was extinguished in about two and a half hours after burning all the houses and causing property damage of about 20 million won.

Four men and women in their 30s inhaled smoke during the evacuation process from the fire and were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The police believe that the people who came to play in Hongcheon, where their relatives’ farmhouses are located for Christmas, set fires in an ondol furnace to escape the cold, and the fire broke out due to overheating.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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