Bosingak ‘New Year’s Bell’ Ringing Ceremony Online Metaverse


The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the Bosingak ‘New Year’s Bell’ ringing ceremony this year to prevent the spread of Corona 19 online without an on-site event.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will unveil the New Year’s Eve Bell Ringing Ceremony on YouTube and Facebook at 11:30 pm on Friday the 31st.

The bell-ringing ceremony will be attended by 10 citizen representatives, including the national archery representative Ansan and actor Oh Young-soo from the drama ‘Squid Game’, and 14 people including Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Seoul Metropolitan Superintendent Jo Hee-yeon.

This year’s bell-ringing event is also available in metaverse and 360° virtual reality VR.

You can visit the virtual Bosingak and Seoul Plaza on the Seoul Metaverse, which can be accessed through the Seoul website, and you can also experience the ringing of the ‘New Year’s Eve bell’.

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