‘Bitcoin by embezzling 170 billion company money’ Japanese employee, profit only…


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A Japanese office worker in his 30s was caught stealing 170 billion won worth of company money and buying bitcoin to hide it. It is known that the value of the Bitcoin he bought has risen 17% during that time, making a profit of about 38.6 billion won in Korean money.

According to foreign media such as Reuters on the 21st local time, Rei Ishii, a former employee of the Japanese insurance company Sony Life, was arrested on charges of embezzling 17 billion yen (about 177.3 billion won) and handed over to trial on the 20th.

In May, Ishii sent 17 billion yen of company money to a bank account in California, USA, under his name, saying “his boss approved it”, and he used the money to buy 3,879 bitcoins.

When it was revealed that a large amount of company money had disappeared, the Japanese Metropolitan Police Agency arrested Ishii on the 29th of last month, and the US FBI confiscated the bitcoins he had bought on the 1st.

Ishii’s bitcoins have all been moved to the FBI’s cryptocurrency wallet in accordance with California law. Currently, the price of this bitcoin is known to be about 20.7 billion yen (about 215.8 billion won), but if you calculate it, the profit alone amounts to 3.7 billion yen (about 38.5 billion won).

The Japanese Metropolitan Police Agency said that all 17 billion yen (about 177.3 billion won) of Sony Life’s embezzlement damage will be returned, but the direction of the profit has not been determined.

It is known that Ishii initially denied the allegation, saying “I did not commit a crime,” but when the bitcoins were confiscated, “I wanted a lot of money.

The Japanese Metropolitan Police Agency, who arrested Ishii, pointed out that “it is wrong common sense to think that cryptocurrency can hide crimes.”

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