Be careful.. 8 very common misconceptions in the field of cosmetology


12:00 pm

Sunday 26 December 2021


Some cosmetic information is so common that it’s hard for us to think that it could be incorrect. Learn about the most prominent of them below, according to the Al-Arabiya website.

1- Oil is a hair nourishing ingredient

Vegetable oils usually consist of large molecules that are difficult to penetrate into the depth of the hair to be able to nourish it in depth, as it is believed. As for what these oils actually do when applied to dry hair, it is to provide an insulating layer that protects the hair during washing from the penetration of a large amount of water into its depth, causing it to lose its proteins, so it becomes weak and loses the vitality of its color if it is dyed.

It is also recommended to use the oil on the hair as a mask before shampooing and to protect the hair from external aggressions, dryness, and color fading.

2- You do not need micellar water to rinse off the skin

One of the characteristics of micellar water is that it contains components that are similar to a magnet in terms of their effect, as they pick up impurities on the surface of the skin. However, leaving this product on the skin without rinsing it can cause a feeling of discomfort, especially for sensitive skin. Therefore, experts advise rinsing the face well after cleaning the skin with a cotton pad moistened with micellar water, or it can be sprayed with thermal water to remove any residue of this product on it.

There are many types of micellar water available in the market, some of which are designed for sensitive skin.

It is also an ideal way to clean all types of skin, provided that the skin is rinsed with water after use.

3- New perfumes are less stable on the skin than old perfumes

Our tastes in perfumes have shifted over the years, as we’ve been moving towards less intense fragrances. This explains the popularity of the Eau de Parfum more than the essence of the perfume. But did you know that the lack of stability of perfume on the skin is related to the extent of the skin’s need for hydration, which means that moisturizing the skin well contributes to the stability of perfumes for as long as possible. It should also be taken into account that some perfumes are suitable for certain types of skin and not others, so you must look for a perfume that interacts well with the skin because its stability will be long-term in this case.

4- The short hair should be based on hair after 50

Hairdressers consider that adopting long or short hair is not age-related. But it is noticeable that hair begins to lose part of its volume due to hormonal disorders around the age of fifty. Therefore, the length of the hair should be chosen in proportion to its density. Thick hair can be kept long, while light hair is best suited to short haircuts. However, before cutting the hair as a result of losing part of its density, experts advise trying intensive hair treatments that work to strengthen its roots and coat it, which enhances its vitality and volume.

5- It is better to coordinate the color of the shadows with the color of the eyes

If we proceed from this principle, this means that pink or orange shades do not suit anyone and that the use of green or blue shades is limited to those with green and blue eyes. But in fact, this rule is not true in the field of makeup, but it is advised to stay away from its application in order to create a contradiction that brightens the looks. And if the adoption of earthy colors and neutral shades is appropriate for different eye colors, experts advise to adopt some boldness sometimes by choosing shades in bright and vibrant colors that secure a renewed look.

6- The inside of the wrist is the best place to try foundation.

It is a common tradition, but it does not give the desired results, as the skin inside the wrist differs in its brightness and color from the skin of the face usually, which leads us to choose a foundation cream that is lighter in color and thicker than required. The best place to get the required results when trying foundation cream is the earlobe. It is worth noting that new types of foundation are available in the market, characterized by a transparent formula and skin-care properties, and is easy to mix with a day cream to obtain a natural coverage and hide skin impurities at the same time.

7- SPF 50 provides complete protection for the skin from the dangers of the sun.

No product can provide complete protection from the sun, no matter how high its protection number, but it can prevent the skin from burning with excessive direct exposure to the golden rays. The number 50 we see on sunscreens cuts the risk of UV rays on the skin by 50 percent. There are sun protection products on the market that are distinguished by their fine mist formula that is easy to apply on the skin without leaving white marks on it. It provides the required protection provided it is repeated every hour when exposed to direct sunlight.

8- Oily hair should be washed daily.

This step can increase the secretion of seborrheic hair and exacerbate the problem instead of providing solutions to it. As for the ideal rule in this case, it remains to avoid washing hair of any kind more than twice a week, in order to maintain the health and balance of the scalp.

In the case of oily hair, some dry shampoos that take the form of a foam or spray can be used to get rid of the greasy appearance of the hair and clean it without the need for water. It is enough to sprinkle a little dry shampoo on the roots of the hair and then comb it, so that the components of this product absorb the sebum secretions, and thus it constitutes a solution that helps to avoid washing greasy hair on a daily basis.

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