Armed intruder in Windsor


Queen Elizabeth II on site
Armed intruder in Windsor

The Queen had an alarm at Christmas.

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While the Queen was celebrating Christmas at Windsor Castle, police arrested an armed intruder there.

According to British media reports, an armed man has been arrested on the grounds of Windsor Castle. He is said to have tried to break in there on Saturday when Queen Elizabeth II (95) celebrated Christmas with her family on site. The police said that the intruder was carrying a weapon. He is said not to have broken into buildings on the property.

The suspect was in custody and the royals had been informed, Thames Valley police said. The arrested suspect is said to be a 19-year-old man from Southampton. The alarm at Windsor Castle apparently went off on Saturday morning. The “Sunday Mirror” reported‘Security officers discovered a man wearing a crossbow.

Queen and Charles at Christmas

According to the “Mail on Sunday” sources have indicatedthat the man was armed with a crossbow. He is also said to have used a rope ladder to climb a metal fence. The police have not yet confirmed which weapon it was. It is also not known exactly where the man was on the premises and how close he was to the castle itself.

The Queen celebrates Christmas in Windsor with Prince Charles (73) and his wife Duchess Camilla (74). Your traditional trip to Sandringham was canceled as a precaution due to the corona pandemic. Charles and Camilla, Prince Edward (57) and his wife Sophie (56) and their children Louise (18) and James (14) attended a service in the chapel on the castle grounds on Christmas Day in the morning.


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