After the suicide of the assembly employee .. 8 signs reveal that you are in a toxic work environment and how to deal with it


04:50 PM

Sunday 26 December 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

Social networking sites were filled with sadness during the past hours, after details of a tragic accident were circulated by the suicide of an employee who threw himself from the third floor, in a private company, after a dispute between him and his manager, to drop a dead body.

The details of the incident were widely circulated after his colleagues and eyewitnesses published the reason behind his acceptance of this act, referring it to the way his manager treated him badly.

One of the female colleagues of the suicide employee, in a private company, located in the Fifth Settlement, recounted in a live broadcast on her Facebook page, the penultimate moment of his life, and said that he was standing with her complaining about his direct manager after he was deducted from his salary 4 days, the employee tried to explain to the latter He was having his need, but he was determined to defeat the opponent, so the young man could not control his nerves and threw himself from the fifth floor.

Employees of the company went out in a live broadcast on Facebook and agreed that the reason for the suicide was “a deduction of 4 days from the young man’s salary due to his being late for work for a long time,” although the young man justified his position by saying that he felt very ill, forcing him to do so.

The working conditions revealed by the employees about the nature of work in the company, which made their colleague commit suicide, were the subject of the talk of the pioneers of the social media, who talked about toxic workplaces, and below we review the most prominent signs that indicate that you work in a toxic work environment, and how to deal with her, according to topresume.


A toxic workplace may have groups, and rumored behavior. The characteristic of this workplace is that there is not always an understanding and harmony between the work team and one another in many places.

One of the things that most affect the workflow is the “paralysis” system. This turns the company’s general atmosphere into a toxic atmosphere, where bullying prevails among the members of the group and those outside it. They will always choose each other in projects and will not allow strangers to enter among them. This atmosphere is a fertile environment for rumors and gossip.

Persistent feeling of exclusion

Projects are often given to a particular group, regardless of talent or experience, and a lack of interest in the group.

Employee illness:

Toxic work environments lead to employee fatigue, tiredness, and illness due to the high levels of stress wreaking havoc on our bodies. If people are sick or worse, or work sick, this is a good sign of a toxic work environment.

Narcissistic leadership:

Like your bosses or boss always asks you to agree with them, you tell them they’re right, you feel above the rules, they expect everyone else to be perfect when they can meet lower standards.

A little enthusiasm.

Since people always seem totally miserable to work in the company, you can assume that the work environment is toxic.

Lack of communication or passive communication:

You and others don’t get the information needed to do your job, you work hard without any positive feedback and no recognition, and you may be told to be happy that you have a job at all.

Hate active employees

The toxic work environment does not like the initiators and they do not understand them, they never appreciate their sense of responsibility and that they are part of the company, and they do not appreciate any initiative they take, or they treat that this company is their company, and the employees’ opinions or suggestions are never taken into account, but rather they are minimized, so the employee never feels belonging or responsible.

– Increasing the number of working hours

In a toxic work environment, paying attention to the number of working hours without paying attention to what was done in those hours, they care about those who spent extra hours at work even if it was without actual return to work, with no balance between work requirements and your personal life, but the employee will find himself forced to work On his annual or weekly vacation or work after working hours from home.

How to deal with a toxic work environment

Since it takes time to find a new job and you can’t get away from this difficult situation right away, it is helpful to develop ways to deal with dysfunction so that you can move to a new job elsewhere. This can be done by:

Make friends with people who feel the same feelings as you.

Do something after work that can help relieve stress, like going to the gym and learning a new skill. The key is making sure you’re living a fulfilling life outside of work.

-Keep yourself busy, rather than a toxic atmosphere, which gives you a reason to keep going every day.

Document everything you do. Save emails and write comments and decisions from meetings, phone calls, and everyone who interacts with you. If you need to make a complaint, you’ll need evidence to support your claim.

Start your own exit strategy, it is possible that things will improve in your job, in which case it may make sense to stay, however, while you wait, start looking for a new job that goes with you, it will help you to stay positive when things go wrong.

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