Busy and crowded, spending 2021… We will become ‘reliable book friends’. [북적북적]


[골룸] Busy and bustling 322: Busy and bustling, spending 2021… We will become ‘reliable book friends’.

It is the last Sunday of 2021 with only five days left this year. Every Sunday, in the ‘Business of the Newsroom’ of the ‘Choose and Listening Newsroom’, books are introduced and read little by little for a taste.

Today’s ‘Busy and Busy’ is a small year-end party where you can look back on the books I introduced this year and browse through the books I wanted to introduce but couldn’t. I hope this year will be a time to listen carefully to what books you have read in ‘Busy and Busy’ and if there are any books you have missed.

Science fiction master Ursula Le Guin said this in an essay. I get a lot of questions about the ‘meaning’ of my work. Le Guin says that finding meaning ‘is yours, not mine’. Just as each work has a different meaning for the author, each work has different meanings over time, and readers in different countries have different meanings. Meaning only for you.”

Even the books introduced and read together in ‘Busy and Busy’ will have different meanings for me and for each listener. There are times when you will read the book you introduced right away, and there may be times when you remember and read it after a while. It doesn’t mean anything now, but maybe it will mean something later.

I sincerely thank the listeners who have listened and empathized with me this year as well. I would also like to thank the writers and publishers who allowed me to read this year.

We will do our best to become a ‘reliable book friend’ in the new year.

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