Bombing in eastern Democratic Congo… At least 7 deaths


At least seven people were killed in a bomb blast in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Christmas evening, AP and AFP news agency reported.

According to reports, yesterday (25th) around 7 pm local time, a bomb exploded at a restaurant in Beni, a city in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and then violent gunshots rang out.

Congolese Army Colonel Narcissus Muteva Casale, who is in charge of policing Benny, said at least two of the victims were children.

Democratic Congo government spokeswoman Patrick Muyaya on Twitter said the accident was caused by a suicide bomber.

Benny is located on the Uganda border and is the site of frequent clashes between government forces and the militia Democratic Military Alliance (ADF) affiliated with the radical Islamic State (IS).

There have been two bombings here in June, which the ADF blamed themselves for.

For this reason, the AP reported that the bombing was also related to the ADF.

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