Yong Hye-in “Are you going to repent if you forgive me… pardon without a justification”


The Basic Income Party strongly criticized former President Park Geun-hye’s special amnesty, calling it “a pardon without justification.”

Rep. Yong Hye-in, who serves as a spokesperson for the Basic Income Party Election Committee, said in a statement today (24th), “At least admitting one’s mistake is not enough to make the ‘pardon for national unity’ justified.” said.

Rep. Yong Hye-in said, “The president who neglected state affairs was ‘impeached’ by the people, and the term of the first government established by the people by candlelight is not yet over.” Can the people convince the people that a ‘pardon’ can be used to get out of prison before the end of the government’s term of office?” he criticized.

He continued, “The person who needs to be reflected has no intention of repenting, but there is one case where he knew that he was really innocent when he granted a ‘pardon.’ Thank you, will you sincerely reflect on your mistakes, and will you admit and reveal the sins you have committed?”

He continued, “Park Geun-hye’s amnesty is to reduce the 2017 candlelight revolution in 2017, when the people lit candles in the cold winter to protect democracy, into a mere factional means.” We are making it as a tool,” he added.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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