Who is older: Chabelo, Silvia Pinal or Ignacio López Tarso?


Actress Silvia Pinal remains hospitalized after catching COVID-19. In addition to the concern that this news generated among its fans on social networks, it also caused the name of Chabelo to become a trend, as is customary.

Although several people believe that the actor Xavier López is one of the oldest actors in the field when in reality he is one of the youngest of that generation. The actor and driver turned 86 in 2021, making him almost ten years younger than Silvia Pinal. Although the age of the actress has always been in doubt, she explained that this 2021 she reached 91 years, although relatives and close friends of the actress affirm that they are 94.

Who is almost the same age as Alejandra Guzmán’s mother is the actor Sergio Corona, who at 93, can be seen in the program “As the saying goes.” His date of birth is October 7, 1928.

In that sense, The oldest actor in the Mexican artistic milieu is Ignacio López Tarso, who will be 97 years old in a few weeks. He was born on January 15, 1925. For his part, Eric Del Castillo is one of the histrionesses who never make memes about his age, although he is even older than Chabelo, having been born on July 22, 1934, what which makes today 87 years of life.


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