Natalia Téllez: The driver shares a tender photo weeks after giving birth


A few weeks after giving birth, Natalia Telléz shows her belly on social networks. It is through Instagram that the host has documented your pregnancy, capturing images of her happiness next to Antonio Zavala, her partner. However, the photo he published this Thursday caught the attention of his followers due to his advanced state of pregnancy.

INSTAGRAM / @ natalia_tellez

Although it does not affect Christmas very much, Téllez has declared herself ready to spend this party. In the Netas Divinas Téllez program he expressed why not such a fan of dates. “What I feel is that Christmas is not so special, I don’t love it because you have high expectations and because people then fight. As a child I had very high expectations and it was never like that, besides, people spend a lot and get fat. “he commented.

“They will hate me a lot, because I did not grow up with the tradition of Santa Claus and in fact I am not going to tell Emilia about Santa Claus,” he said. While Paola Rojas and the rest of her friends revealed that they will see to it that Natalia’s baby is fall in love with christmas and keep in mind the customs and traditions, “he confessed in the broadcast.

INSTAGRAM / @ natalia_tellez

Once she gives birth, the host will focus on promoting the Spanish version of the series “I Love Lucy”. Leonardo Zimbrón, one of the producers of the project entitled “Todo por Lucy”, indicated that from the beginning he worked for several months with the group of writers for the final finish. “All for Lucy” was filmed this year during the pandemic, with a release date of 2022 via Amazon Prime Video.



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