First lottery for women punished for ‘abortion’… Women’s group “It’s not a benefit, it’s a matter of course”


On the afternoon of April 11, 2019, in front of the Constitutional Court in Jae-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the citizens cheered for the ruling on abortion against the Constitution. By Park Jong-sik, staff reporter [email protected]

A woman convicted of an abortion in Korea has been reinstated for the first time. The women’s group welcomed it, saying, “Until now, punishment has been a problem, and the lottery is a natural measure.” The Ministry of Justice announced on the morning of the 24th that it would reinstate one ‘abortion offender’ for the first time in the New Year’s special amnesty announcement. The Ministry of Justice explained, “Considering the purpose of the decision to be inconsistent with the constitution regarding the abortion, we carefully selected those who were punished for abortion and included one person in the lottery.” The crime of self-abortion refers to the provisions of Article 269 (1) of the Criminal Act, which require a woman who has an abortion to be sentenced to up to one year in prison or a fine of not more than 2 million won. In April 2019, the Constitutional Court ordered the punishment of abortion women and medical staff. Decision that the ‘abortion crime’ clause of the Criminal Code is not in accordance with the ConstitutionThis clause is also included. The Ministry of Justice explained on the same day, “This is a lottery for the restoration of legal qualifications for probation offenders that meet the purpose of determining the abortion crime is inconsistent with the constitution and have circumstances that can be taken into account for competing crimes.” If two years have not passed since the end of probation after being sentenced to imprisonment without prison labor or more severe punishment, there are qualifications such as not being able to be appointed as a public official. Women’s groups expressed their intention to welcome the lottery measures. On this day, Park Ji-young, an activist for the women’s health team at the Korean Women’s Association, said, “Because punishment for abortion was a problem, the ‘lottery’ announced today is not a benefit, but a very natural thing. It is right that cancellation and disadvantages should be eliminated,” he said. Reporter Park Soo-ji [email protected] ▶Related articles: ‘Abortion’ is unconstitutional decision… “Amended the law by the end of 2020”
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