Chris Noth: The actor adds a new accusation of sexual abuse against him


This Thursday, a fifth woman joined the accusations of sexual abuse against the actor Chris Noth, popular for his role as Mr. Noth in the series “Sex in the City” (Sex and the City).

The accusation joins those of last week, where other two women accused the actor of two separate incidents that allegedly occurred in 2004 and 2015, the first in Los Angeles and the second in New York, according to an article published by The Hollywood Reporter newspaper. In his response, Noth did not deny the encounters, stating that they were consensual.

“The accusations against me made by people I knew years, even decades, are categorically false. These stories could have been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago. It does not always mean no. That is a line that I did not cross,” he said in statements to CNN.

After that publication, a third woman, who spoke anonymously, told The Daily Beast that she was sexually assaulted by the actor in New York in 2010, when I was 18 and he was 55.

In addition, a substitute actress of the series “Sex and the City” published a letter in The Independent medium in which she assured that Noth’s behavior on the set was indecent and toxic since he harassed the actresses and asked them to get into his dressing room.

The fifth woman who has accused Noth is the singer Lisa Gentile, who recalled at a press conference that in 2002 the actor forced her to have sex and after her refusal he began to kiss her and touch her breasts. “I was trying to stop him,” Gentile said. According to the singer, Noth called the next day to ask her not to tell anyone about the night before, since doing so would ruin her career and put her on the industry blacklist.

After the accusations, some netizens have rescued some judicial documents in which a Restraining order between the actor and his ex-girlfriend, Beverly Johnson, who claimed that he had threatened to kill her and physically assaulted her in 1995.

For their part, the stars of “Sex And The City”, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis lamented the accusations of sexual abuse against their co-star and supported the alleged victims it’s a statement.



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