Viral: Spider-Man, Belinda and Nodal’s new ally in love


The excitement to see the new movie of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” does not leave anyone out, since the well-known superhero spider also has great celebrities among his ranks of fans.


One of them is Christian Nodal, who took advantage of a space in his agenda to dress up as “Spider-Man” and go see with his girlfriend Belinda the third part of this franchise. “Guess where I’m going … the best couple for ever and ever, amen @belindapop,” he wrote in one of his stories where he is characterized as the superhero.

Nodal confessed that this would be the first time he would go to the movies with Belinda. “Our first time in a movie theater”, Nodal wrote in another image where he is seen accompanied by the actress, who posed in pure Spider-Man style.


The return of Spider-Man, two years after “Far from Home” and with the pandemic in between, has led to the return of the big box office. In less than a week he has raised $ 600 million, which ranks it as the third best international premiere in history.

A positive data although at the same time its overwhelming success has sunk the rest of the Christmas premieres. “No Way Home” is a movie full of surprises and stellar appearances in which Disney and Sony have collaborated – years ago faced by the rights of Marvel superheroes-, which has allowed the appearance of Dr Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) with Spider-Man (Tom Holland), accompanied again by MJ (Zendaya), in a spectacular staging that has excited fans.



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