UN: 22 million Ethiopians need food aid next year


The UN predicts that 22 million people will need humanitarian aid in Ethiopia next year due to civil war and natural disasters.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) forecasts that Ethiopia’s high humanitarian aid demand will increase next year due to ongoing conflict, drought, flooding, disease and locust infestation, the Associated Press reported on the 23rd local time.

“At least 20 million people are in need of some form of humanitarian aid in various parts of Ethiopia by the end of this year,” the report said.

The report added: “We are also of particular concern about the effects of the deepening drought in the Oromo region of southern Ethiopia and the eastern Somali region.”

Ethiopia currently needs US$1.4 billion in aid, equivalent to about 1.66 trillion won, of which US$892 million is still short, the report said.


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