U.S., Japan, and Taiwan promote joint operation plan in case of emergency


▲ Location map of Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture

Kyodo News reported on the 23rd, citing a Japanese government official, that the United States is preparing a new plan to jointly conduct military operations with the Japanese Self-Defense Force in case of an emergency in Taiwan.

“Taiwan Usa”, which means a state of emergency in Taiwan, refers to a war situation in which China is trying to achieve unification by force.

The U.S. and Japan will agree to start working to finalize a joint operation plan assuming a Taiwanese version at the Security Council, a meeting of foreign and defense ministers (2+2) expected to be held in the U.S. early next year. Perspective.

The draft operation plan, identified by Kyodo News, is in the early stage of a growing urgency similar to that of Taiwan, where the US Marine Corps, with the support of the Self-Defense Forces, establishes a temporary military base for attack in the island area between Okinawa and Kagoshima prefectures adjacent to Taiwan and deploys the unit. contains.

This draft is said to have been proposed to the Self-Defense Forces by the US Indo-Pacific Force, which has jurisdiction over Asia, based on the new operational guidelines of the US Marine Corps, ‘Expeditional Forward Base Operations’ (EABO).

The U.S. and Japan started to verify the draft, and this month, the first joint training was held in the Tohoku region and Hokkaido based on the EABO, which is the key to small-scale distributed deployment of units, Kyodo News reported.

Among the about 200 manned and uninhabited islands that make up the Nansei Islands close to Taiwan, 40 of them are capable of self-sufficient drinking water, and most are inhabited islands.

These include Amami Oshima in Kagoshima Prefecture, where the Ground Self-Defense Force has deployed missile units, and Miyakojima in Okinawa Prefecture, as well as Ishigaki Island with future deployments planned.

It is known that the U.S. military is planning to deploy the Marine Corps’ high-mobility rocket artillery system ‘Haimasu’ in the base area, and the Self-Defense Forces to provide rear support such as transportation, ammunition, and refueling.

In addition, according to the draft, the U.S. Marine Corps is to continue the offensive operation while changing the island it uses as a temporary base to avoid a Chinese counterattack in case of emergency.

Kyodo News reported that in order for the US military to establish a new base in Japan in case of an emergency in Taiwan, the Japanese government should revise laws on land use and public protection, etc. The process of materializing a joint operation plan to make the Nansei Islands a de facto target for China’s attack expected to be controversial.

(Photo = Google map capture, Yonhap News)


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