Tragedy of “death that could have been prevented” bed shortage


Today (24th), the number of new confirmed cases is expected to be around 7,000, and quarantine authorities are explaining that the number of corona deaths will decrease in the future.

However, at the scene, something that cannot be prevented enough is preventing death, and reporter Park Soo-jin covered it.

Kim, who was living in a nursing home in Gyeonggi-do, died on the 21st at the age of 69.

The cause of death was exacerbation of pneumonia due to corona infection.

The son says that his mother’s death is unfair.

[코로나 사망자 아들 : 어머니는 음성 판정을 받으셔서 중간에 한번 가봤는데, 제가 보기에는 코호트 조치라고 하는 조치가 너무 허술하기 짝이 없었고요. 가림막 시설로 이렇게 가림막이 돼 있고 오른쪽에는 확진자가 있고 왼쪽에는 비확진자가 있고….]

The first confirmed case in this nursing home was on the 25th of last month.

However, the quarantine authorities first quarantined the entire floor of the nursing home, saying that there was no bed to be transported outside.

A confirmed person and a non-confirmed person stayed in the same space with a single plastic film between them.

Kim, who was negative in the initial test, was eventually confirmed two weeks later.

My health started to deteriorate before the diagnosis, but immediately after the diagnosis, the oxygen saturation fell below 80%, and it became so severe that I could not even open my mouth.

[경기도 A 요양원 원장 : 진짜 응급상황이었죠. 입을 못 벌리니까 해열제를 드릴 수가 없잖아요. 이 빠진 사이로 주사기를 넣어 가지고 해열제를 물로 이렇게 해서 저희가 드리고…]

Kim was transferred to the intensive care unit of a university hospital after a day of waiting in the hospital bed.

After that, the medical staff said that his condition had improved and moved Kim to a nursing hospital dedicated to infectious diseases, and he died two days later.

[코로나 사망자 아들 : 격리 조치만, 분리 조치만 잘 이뤄졌다면 저희 어머니가 이런 불상사를 겪는 일은 절대 없었을 것이고, 이건 정부의 정말 100% 인재이기 때문에 정말 반성 많이 하시고….]

More lives can be saved just by checking whether the isolation of confirmed cases is successful, whether high-risk groups are treated in a timely manner, and the basic principles.

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