This is how the glamorous family celebrates Christmas


Carmen and Robert Geiss reveal how they will spend Christmas and which present has not been so well received in the past.

Germany’s number one glamor family will be on the air again from January 3, 2022: “The Geissens” are returning with their reality show (every Monday, 8:15 pm on RTLzwei). Before the premiere of the new episodes, Carmen (56) and Robert Geiss (57) revealed in an interview with the news agency spot on news why they went to New York for Christmas shopping, what the family has under the Christmas tree and why their daughters Davina (18 ) and Shania (17) provide the best gifts. Carmen Geiss also reveals her husband’s worst present so far and the couple reveals details about the festive days in their ski hut and the family’s plans for New Year’s Eve.

You recently went to New York for Christmas shopping. How did you experience the time there?

Carmen Geiss: We went shopping during the breaks because we shot four episodes in the USA for our docu-soap. Once in Miami and also in New York. And anyone who knows us Geissens – or rather the Geiss women – knows that it is difficult to ignore beautiful, fashionable items. And in New York the danger of shopping is lurking everywhere. We were even able to take advantage of Black Friday. That was a real Black Friday for Roberts credit cards too …

Robert Geiss: Apart from the fact that my credit cards were being used a lot, the shooting in New York and in the USA was a real highlight. The borders were tight for a long time and when they were open again we flew straight over. The situation there was a bit more relaxed than it was here, but of course Corona is not over in America either. But everything we Geissen has fun we could do there: shopping, sightseeing, street art.

What do you have under the Christmas tree and are there financial limits when it comes to giving gifts?

Robert: As a good husband, I naturally take care of gifts for my wife that they like: jewelry, exclusive fragrances, fashionable accessories or clothing. There are no financial limits here. What the boss likes is bought.

Carmen: My husband is a real stroke of luck, because he is definitely not stingy. But I always do it very cleverly – just before Christmas I keep mentioning one or the other wish that he could grant me.

Robert: During the year I’m rather deaf in the ear and don’t listen like that, but from November onwards I’ll also pay attention and listen more closely.

Carmen: But the greatest gifts have always been the homemade presents from our daughters. Shania once painted a picture that is now hanging in St. Tropez. Once we received a photo book from Davina, which was absolutely beautiful and everything was handwritten. Doesn’t cost a lot of money, is 100 percent individual and comes from the heart.

Can you still surprise yourself with gifts?

Carmen: Definitely. Our daughters manage to do this from year to year. Of course they buy one or the other present for us. But we also always get very personal gifts. Works of art, photo books, joint activities. These are always the best gifts.

Robert: And they especially please dad, because they hardly charge the credit cards!

Which gift from you was less popular with the other?

Robert: I know what my worst present to Carmen was (grins). I know exactly what is coming next.

Carmen: Yes, he was only half listening again. My scale broke just before Christmas and I said I wouldn’t get one until after the holidays. Then what was under the Christmas tree? A new scale. Was that a wink with the fence post?

Every year during winter and Christmas you are in a ski hut. Why do you particularly enjoy celebrating there and what are your days there like?

Carmen: Valberg is simply our retreat. The ground floor is very open with an open kitchen, a large dining table, fireplace and a comfortable sofa. Family life always takes place there and we are all together. We always enjoy that very much and are happy about every minute and hour that we can spend there together.

Robert: The house is also right on the ski slope. If we feel like a descent and some exercise, we can start straight from the house onto the slopes. That doesn’t work in Monaco or St. Tropez and that’s just our idea of ​​a wonderful winter and Christmas party.

Are there any particular Christmas traditions in your family?

Robert: First of all, of course, we cook properly. This can take a few hours. For this, even my lunch plans from 1:30 p.m. are thrown upside down. Usually I always need my lunch there, but I don’t have time for it at Christmas. As a real househusband, I have to stand in the kitchen.

Carmen: We are a very organized family and have already wrapped all of the presents for Christmas and the tree is already decorated. We help Robert in the kitchen and, of course, Christmas music is playing and we sing along.

Robert: Before dinner, the Geissens have big presents and that’s when I see for the first time what my credit cards have been glowing for in the last few weeks.

Carmen: When dinner is ready, we all come together again at our large dining table and review the year over fondue or chicken. This can easily take up to two or three hours. The fireplace is lit, it’s always very cozy.

Will you be there at the turn of the year?

Robert: We are thinking about celebrating in Kitzbühel.

How do you look back on the year 2021 and what do you wish for the coming year?

Carmen: Looking back, we can only say that we are all happy to have mastered another pandemic year safe and sound.

Robert: We can also be pleased that our business could continue. We were allowed to shoot, we were allowed to travel, we learned to deal with Corona. Of course we wish that we will be confronted with fewer corona problems in the future, but we are also proud that we and our team have mastered it so well so far.


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