Single again after 12 years! Simone Thomalla has these clear ideas about a new love


Simone Thomalla
She is ready for a new love, but …

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Simone Thomalla is single for the first time in 12 years. In September, the separation between the actress and Silvio Heinevetter became public. Now Thomalla has unpacked about her expectations of a new man.

Simone Thomalla, 56, is not only a woman who is in the middle of life, but also knows what she wants. Especially after 12 years of partnership, the beautiful actress is well aware of what she expects from a man by her side – and what not. In an interview with “Bild”, Sophia Thomalla’s mother, 32, speaks openly about her new single existence.

Simone Thomalla does not close herself to a new love

Simone Thomalla brings one thing very clearly to the point: she no longer needs an athlete by her side. She has done the sportswear of her life partner long enough. There is also another shortcoming in their previous relationships. “Unfortunately, the amount of time we spent together was often far too small, which in principle can lead to the end of any relationship at some point,” explains the 56-year-old. However, Thomalla does not stress about her love life.

Simone Thomalla and Silvio Heinevetter

“But from experience I know that suddenly someone can stand in front of you who can change everything. So I’m basically in good spirits,” asserts the actress.

Simone Thomalla: “I never know whether the men ‘only’ want Simone or …”

Simone Thomalla is evidently not interested in getting to know a man on online dating platforms. They would get enough inquiries even without dating apps; via Instagram. “One or the other made me laugh because humor is very important to me,” admits the 56-year-old.

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But of course – as with so many celebrities – the uncertainty remains as to whether the potential partners are really interested in Simone Thomalla as a woman and person “or in the public Thomalla”. One thing is certain: Simone Thomalla is anything but lonely and does not want to rush into a new relationship. “I have time before I embark on a new adventure with a man again.”

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