Silvia Pinal: Adela Micha on the actress: “It doesn’t take long to die”; they criticize his lack of tact


It was released a few hours ago that the 91-year-old Mexican actress, Silvia Pinal, was admitted to the hospital as a preventive measure because she tested positive for COVID-19. And during the last months, derived from his age, the star of the National Golden Cinema, had suffered from various conditions, so the family chose to take action.

However, the controversy is always present and this time the journalist and communicator Adela Micha had to star in it, before going on the air to her program “Adela told me it”. A man from his team approaches to inform him that Silvia is in the hospital and that they are looking for Sylvia Pasquel to inform them about the star’s state of health, to which Adela responds:

“And do we have something prepared for Silvia Pinal?”, To which the man replies: “Right now I check it out.” And Adela continues, “It doesn’t take long to die, that is, because they don’t write me something and I record it for them, one; two, I have many interviews with her so that they can put something together, I think she is going to die “, reiterates. The man also tells him that they do not know if the actress is hospitalized for COVID-19 or because she has a catheter, explaining that that is why they are going to look for Pasquel’s version and Adela also offers to look for Alejandra Guzmán.

The video published on the networks is not about content said on the air, it is a cut to know how the broadcast was going to continue to develop. Users on Twitter criticized the “lack of tact” of the communicator. And minutes later he offered an explanation:

“They are saying that in the courtroom, when they told me that Silvia Pinal was ill, I said, ‘prepare the interview’ because I had written to Alejandra Guzmán that if she took a call, so that she could see (that) interview, and I did comment, don’t go to die, because he’s older, he got COVID, he’s 91 years old and had heart failure six months ago. ” What she said for her on the air, her work team also supported her. “There it is clarified, I did not contradict myself, I am not a lack of tact and on television you have to illustrate things and that is why I asked them to look for the interview. That is what a reporter does, which I tell them, and that does not mean that I deeply love the Guzmán family ”.


Sylvia Pasquel took a phone call to “Ventaneando” and notified that her mother was infected last Friday with COVID-19, but that he is in good health so far, without any symptoms, but that he will have to stay in the hospital for 15 days.

“My mother is perfect, she is stabilized, they did a CT scan and her lungs are perfect, there is no inflammation,” she also stressed that she has not had a fever and is calm, even making jokes.

About the Christmas Eve dinner, Pasquel said that everyone will spend the night at home, everyone taking care of themselves and taking their precautions, Well, they also have to take tests to find out if they have the virus, she said she will go for one next Monday. Through a video call, the doctors will notify them of Silvia’s state of health.

Alejandra Guzmán also spoke with Adela, and said that her mother is “shocked” to be in the hospital, “she is a rebel like me.” He reiterated that they left her heart stable and that Dr. Sierra Lara is monitoring her mother’s health, and confirmed that they did put a catheter on her.



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