Sayaka Kanda, J-Pop singer, falls from a 14th floor, dies


This weekend the Japanese singer, Sayaka Kanda, died, falling from the 14th floor from the hotel where he was staying in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaidō prefecture, Japan.

The 35-year-old actress was also known for characters such as that of Anna in the film “Frozen”, to whom he gave voice in the dubbing in his language.


Through a statement, published on his personal website, the news was released. In this page the previous contents of Kanda were replaced.

“I would like to report that Kanda Sayaka died suddenly at 9:40 pm on December 18, 2021. We are very sorry to give such news to all the fans who supported us, “reads the text signed by Kamachi Mitsuhisa, executive director of the actress’s agency.

“We still cannot accept his passing and we are trying to cope with it. Currently is being investigated the situation, but we kindly ask the media to refrain from interviewing family members or publishing speculative articles. “

According to the ABC medium, the artist was found unconscious this Saturday in a pool of blood in an interior patio of the hotel and died shortly after being transferred to a hospital. That same day the singer had informed the producer that he was not well and canceled his rehearsal.

“Although we are confused by Kanda’s sudden dismissal, we face that fact and take responsibility for not being able to protect Kanda seriously.”

In another statement published on December 21, and also signed by Kamachi, it was announced that the family held a secret funeral, He also pointed out that the result of the examination by the police reported that there were no incidents and the cause of death was polytrauma due to the fall.

A day before, and according to People magazine, the local Kyodo News had indicated that the police were investigating his death for a probable suicide; However, regarding the cause of death, the statement only states:

“Regarding the cause of the fall we would like to refrain from disclosing it in consideration of Kanda’s own honor and influence on the people around her and we would appreciate if you could include her.

Kanda, born in Tokyo, was the daughter of actor Kanda Masaki and singer Seiko Matsuda, and her first steps into the middle of the show were in 2001, but two years earlier, when she was studying in Los Angeles, she participated in the short film “Bean Cake”, winner of the Palme d’Or at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival.



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