‘Room of Thoughts’ The architect’s way to see the hip Banga Thoughts these days


These days, miniature national treasures are called ‘relics figures’ and are very popular among the 2030 generations.

Although the Banga Thought Award has been in the spotlight since BTS’ RM posted a photo of a miniature Banga Thought on social media in his studio, a month ago, the National Museum of Korea held the ‘Room of Thoughts’, where two pieces of Banga Thought Statue were permanently displayed at the same time. ‘ is also having a major impact.

The ‘Room of Thought’ is the first exhibition space of the National Museum of Korea in collaboration with an architect. There are many things hidden in this space that can fascinate visitors. We met Choi Wook Choi, CEO of One O One Architects, the architect of ‘The Room of Thought’ and heard about the design intent and the way to visit the Banga Thinking Award.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, production: D Content Planning Department/Kim Do-kyun)


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