Rescuing babies from tornadoes


I was informed that the two babies who had been evacuated into the bathtub in the basement during a tornado in the United States survived even though they were blown away by the wind. A video of the miraculous rescue moment was released.

Correspondent Kim Young-ah.

[여기야, 여기!]

In the dark, the police officers searched the scattered wreckage and found something.

[욕조 잔해들 속에…]

[15개월 아기를 찾아야 해요.]

When I lifted up the stacked blankets one after another, it was a baby.

[안녕, 아가야.]

[맙소사. 이건 기적이야!]

While holding the crying baby and examining every nook and cranny of the body,

[한 명 더 있다!]

Other colleagues even rescue their 3-month-old brother who was lying next to him.

The worst tornado that hit the central United States on the 10th local time killed 92 people.

It was thanks to everyone’s earnest wishes and a swift search that the two babies miraculously saved their lives in a bathtub that was blown away by a tornado.

[아기 구조 경찰 : 할머니가 아기들 주변에 담요와 베개 같은 것들을 넣어 둔 덕분에 아기들이 다치지 않고 무사할 수 있었던 것 같습니다.]

The younger brother suffered bruises to the head, but both babies returned to their homes without major injuries.

[두 아기 모두 무사합니다. (맙소사. 감사합니다.)]

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