Re-ignition of the special prosecutor’s workshop… Additional public photos of the performance


In the National Assembly, the opposition parties clashed over the Daejang-dong Special Prosecution Act. People’s Power has released additional photos of Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung with the late Kim Moon-gi during the days of Seongnam Mayor.

This is reporter Eom Min-jae.

A meeting of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly was held at the request of the opposition party to convene to discuss the ‘Daejang-dong Special Prosecution Act’.

Just like the round-the-house negotiations, the opposition parties only exchanged haggling.

[유상범 의원/국회 법사위(국민의힘) : 민주당은 (이재명) 후보의 요구를 적극적으로 따라왔는데 유독 특검에 대해서만은 끊임없이 시간 끌기로 일관하고 있습니다.]

[박주민 의원/국회 법사위 간사(민주당) : (수사 범위 등에 더해) 특검 추천조차도 야당이 한다면 국민이 바라는 특검이 아니라 야당을 위한, 야당에 의한 특검일 뿐이라고 생각합니다.]

The front has also spread to the situation of the Airborne Service’s inquiry into communications data of some opposition lawmakers and journalists.

[윤한홍 의원/국회 법사위 간사(국민의힘) : 이게 단순한 통신 사찰이 아니에요. 지금 대선에 개입하고 있는 겁니다. 공수처가.]

[박주민 의원/국회 법사위 간사(민주당) : 수사 과정에서 필요에 의해서 이뤄진 것은 아닌지, 이런 것들에 대한 점검은 필요하다고 생각됩니다.]

The opposition party called Kim Jin-wook, Minister of Airborne Affairs, to the National Assembly to ask questions about urgent issues, but the ruling party did not accept it.

The over-the-counter workshop has become more intense.

Regarding the fact that Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung said that he did not know when he was the mayor of Seongnam, Kim Moon-ki, the head of the Urban Development Corporation, who died while being investigated by the prosecution, the People’s Power said that Lee took a picture with Kim during a business trip to Australia and New Zealand in 2015. additionally disclosed.

Candidate Lee countered, “The mayor cannot know all the people who are affiliated with one of several schedules.”

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