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[기술철학 개요: 새로운 관점에서 본 문화 생성사]

A classic of the philosophy of technology in the 19th century that raised technology as an object of full-fledged philosophical interest. He criticizes the view of technology only as a tool, and proposes the ‘organ projection’ theory that human beings project their own body organs from an unconscious level.
Written by Ernst Karp, Translated by Chang-oh Cho l Greenbee l 28,000 won.

[문화인류학으로 보는 동아시아]

An introduction to cultural anthropology written by Japanese anthropologists on the subject of East Asia. It provides an open perspective to turn things around and change things that were taken for granted in various fields such as ‘family and relative’, ‘religion’, ‘gender and sexuality’, ‘colonialism’, ‘immigration’, and ‘tourism’.
Compiled by Hisahiko Kamizuru and others, Translated by Ji-Hwan Park l Nullmin l 18,000 won.

[청말 중국의 대일정책과 일본어 인식: 조공과 조약 사이에서]

At the end of the Qing dynasty, Japan became a ‘Jogyu-guk’ with the Japanese-Chinese Protection Jogyu (1871), and became a ‘treaty country’ like the great powers by winning the Sino-Japanese War. This course examines modern China’s policy toward Japan through the Qing Dynasty’s perception of Japanese language and the main text provisions in diplomatic treaties.
Written by Yanli and translated by Choi Jeong-seop l Sanjini l 28,000 won.

[국가정보학 개론: 제도, 활동, 분석]

An Introduction to Informatics by American Political Scientists. The history of information, the organization and process of national security, information gathering methods, counterintelligence and secret operations, and information analysis are covered extensively. A chapter is also devoted to ‘Information Ethics’, which deals with the ethics of national service.
Written by Jonathan Ackerf et al., Translated by Gye-dong Kim l Myeongin Munhwasa l 29,000 won.

[복지국가는 살아남을 수 있는가]

Andrew Gamble, a British political scientist, stresses the need for a welfare state that is threatened today. It presents four key tasks: affordability, international competitiveness, new social risks, and an aging population, and presents basic income and capital subsidies as directions for welfare state reform.
Translated by Park Hyung-shin l Hanul M Plus l 22,000 won.

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