Movie Premieres: Today’s recommendation on the movie billboard is “Sing 2: Come and sing again.”


Sing 2: Come and sing again It reaches the movie theaters of Guadalajara within the movie premieres, which on this occasion entered the billboard this Wednesday, December 22.

Sing 2: Come and sing again It is already on the Guadalajara cinema billboard. ESPECIAL / UNIVERSAL PICTURES.

For this reason, today’s recommendation, Thursday, January 23, is the fun and colorful sequel to Sing Come and sing! (2016), because surely tomorrow you won’t have time to go to the movies.

In this new story, the koala Buster Moon and its cast of animal artists prepare to launch their biggest show yet at the glamorous Redshore, the entertainment capital of the world. There is only one obstacle: They will have to convince the most demanding rock star in the world, Clay Calloway, which in the voices in Spanish is interpreted by Chayanne, while in English it is Bono, who makes his animated film debut.

Sing 2: Come and sing again you can already see it in your favorite movie theater. ESPECIAL / UNIVERSAL PICTURES.

But no connections Buster and its cast, including mother sow Rosita, the rock porcupine Ash, the gorilla Johnny, the shy elephant Meena, and of course, the provocative pig Gunter, they must sneak into the famous offices of Crystal Entertainment, led by the ruthless wolf tycoon Jimmy Crystal.

In a desperate attempt to get the attention of the Sr. Crystal, Gunter has a spontaneous idea with which Buster do you agree and promises that your new show it will have as its protagonist the rock legend Clay Calloway.

Sing 2: Come and sing again. ESPECIAL/UNIVERSAL PICTURES.

The problem is that Buster does not know Clay, an artist who left the stage more than a decade ago, as a result of the death of his wife and has not been seen since.
While Gunter help to Buster imagine his theatrical masterpiece, and the pressure and threats of Sr. Crystal they grow, Buster embarks on a journey to find Clay and convince him to return to the stage. What begins as the journey of Buster to be successful, it becomes a reminder of the power of music to soothe even the most broken hearted.

Illumination y Universal Pictures presentan Sing 2: Come and sing again, which combines dozens of classic rock and pop hits, great performances in both Spanish and English, depending on the version viewed, and impressive animations that will undoubtedly delight viewers.

Sing 2: Come and sing again

(Sing 2)

De Garth Jennings.

With the voices in Spanish of Benny Ibarra, Chayanne, Hanna Nicole and Ashley Grace (Ha * Ash), Vadhir Derbez, Roger González, Sebastián Martínez, María Eugenia Suárez, Greeicy, Laura Tobón.

United States, 2021.



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