Marie Nasemann reveals terrible news: Her daughter was “terminally ill” in the intensive care unit


Marie Nasemann
Her daughter had to go to the intensive care unit “terminally ill”

Sebastian Tigges and Marie Nasemann with their little daughter


Only nine days after she was born, Marie Nasemann experienced the worst: her baby had to go to intensive care. It was infected with the RS virus, as the model now reveals on Instagram.

“My childbed started so beautifully,” writes Marie Nasemann, 32, about a photo of herself, her husband Sebastian Tigges and her daughter, who was just a few weeks old. But then the now two-time parents experienced a nightmare. Her baby had to be “hospitalized for intensive care because of the RS virus,” the model reveals on Instagram.

Marie Nasemann: “Our life was turned upside down 9 days after birth”

Marie Nasemann describes the first time after the birth of her second child in October 2021 as “wonderfully beautiful”. She had “no birth injuries, no breastfeeding problems, support from a postnatal care worker, the two kids had a great first meeting”.

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But then it boomed and her family life was “turned upside down nine days after the birth and the puerperium was over. Our daughter, like so many other small children this fall and winter, had to be hospitalized for the RS virus to the intensive care unit [sic]”reveals the former GNTM finalist. What a shock, but Marie immediately gave the all-clear:” Fortunately everything went well and we were able to pick her up after a few days, which was like a little, second birth for our daughter. “

The parents had problems finding a clinic place for their “terminally ill child”

How bad exactly the new parents of two experienced the situation, they describe in the current episode of their podcast “Vier ist ‘ne Fete”. Because apparently it was not that easy for Marie and Sebastian to find a clinic place in Berlin at that time. “I first called the hospital because there is just an unbelievable anger in me. Because I thought it couldn’t be true,” remembers Tigges and continues: “For me it was just anger at this one Health system that you don’t get a place with your terminally ill child. “

After the couple luckily found what they were looking for, their little daughter was noticeably worse off. Marie describes: “Then they undressed and weighed them, listened to the lungs and so on. And then the doctor said, it is very good and urgent and important that you are here now. Because it is pretty … pretty …”, then her voice breaks away, the tears come. “I cry too”, replies Sebastian and says: “I think we haven’t really processed it yet.” Fortunately, everything turned out well in the end, so that the family can now enjoy the Christmas holidays to the fullest.

According to the “Lung Information Service”, the RS virus, i.e. the “respiratory syncytial virus, is a pathogen that causes diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tracts worldwide. In principle, RS virus infections can affect anyone – regardless of age. RS is the most common Virus infections occur in the first two years of life. In infants and young children up to two years of age, RSV is the most common cause of acute lower respiratory infections. “

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