Lee Jong-in, ex-Prime Minister of Public Affairs, Retired Asset Reporting 22 Billion Won


Lee Jong-in, former head of the Public Affairs Office of the Prime Minister’s Office, who resigned due to controversy over omission of property worth 16 billion won at the time of reporting public officials’ property, retired and reported a total of 22.02 billion won of property.

In the property registration information for high-ranking public officials in December released by the Government Public Service Ethics Committee, former director Lee received 10.125 billion won of land, including land in the name of his spouse, 18 billion won of buildings, 3.461 billion won of deposits, and debts. reported 9.566 billion won.

When Lee was hired in May, when he was hired in May, he reported a property worth 25 billion won, only reporting the debt, and omitting the value of the building itself.

Among the incumbent high-ranking public officials who disclosed their wealth this time, the public official with the most fortune was Lee Hae-young, chairman of the King Sejong Institute Foundation, who reported 4.399 billion won.

Chairman Lee was followed by Ahn Young-in, director of the Korea Meteorological Industry and Technology Institute, with 4.123 billion won, and Busan Port Authority President Kang Jun-seok with 3.598 billion won.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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