Lee Jae-myung and Lee Nak-yeon meet again after two months… Paving the way for ‘extension’


Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung met for the first time in almost two months with former president Lee Nak-yeon, who had competed in the primary. At the request of candidate Lee Jae-myung for help, former CEO Nak-yeon Lee decided to take on the role of co-chair of the National Vision Integration Committee, which designs national tasks.

Correspondent Kang Cheong-wan.

Candidate Jae-myung Lee and former CEO Nak-yeon Lee met again after 51 days since the inauguration of the Democratic Party Election Committee.

Candidate Lee arrived first at the luncheon and was waiting.

[이낙연/민주당 전 대표 : 얼마나 애써요.]

[이재명/민주당 대선 후보 : 아닙니다, 대표님. 배려해주신 덕에 열심히는 하고 있습니다.]

[이낙연/민주당 전 대표 : 그래요, 잘 보고 있어요.]

[이재명/민주당 대선 후보 : 넘어야 될 산이 많아서, 우리 대표님이 많이 좀 업어주십시오.]

As a result of the 1 hour and 20 minute meeting, former CEO Lee decided to join the senior team, officials from both sides said at the luncheon.

It is said that former representative Lee has decided to lead a committee within the election committee that designs the next government task together with candidate Lee.

[이재명/민주당 대선 후보 : 이제는 본격적으로 필요한 조직에 직접 참여하시고 민주당의 4기 민주정부를 위해서 최선을 다 하실 것으로 생각되고….]

Candidate Lee asked former President Lee to add his strength, and it is said that former President Lee also bitterly criticized Lee, saying, ‘We need to find the Democratic Party.’

In particular, the condition is that if you join, you will also do ‘Lee Nak-yeon’s story’.

[이낙연/민주당 전 대표 : 때로는 후보나 당과 결이 조금 다른 얘기도 할 수 있을 것입니다. 그에 대해서 후보께서도 수용하겠다는 의사를 밝혔습니다.]

Candidate Lee seems to be the cornerstone of Lee’s plan to strengthen the Democratic Party’s traditional support base through synergy with former President Lee, and to expand its reach.

A lawmaker from Lee’s side said, “The idea for this luncheon first came out about that day.”

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho·Jang Sang-bo, Video editing: Choi Hye-young)

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