Kwon Yong-woo, Ambassador of the UAE to the Republic of Korea


▲ Ambassador Yong-Woo Kwon to UAE receiving a medal from the UAE Minister of State

Kwon Yong-woo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was awarded the ‘First-class Medal of Independence’ by the UAE government on the 23rd local time.

The embassy in the UAE explained that this award is the highest order of authority given to foreigners by the head of state in the UAE.

At the award ceremony held today, Minister of State Ahmad Ali Saig delivered the medal to Ambassador Kwon.

Ambassador Kwon was reported to have been recognized by the UAE government for his contribution to enhancing bilateral relations, including expansion of a special strategic partnership and cooperation in the defense industry.

Ambassador Kwon, who took office in May 2019, will end his term on the 24th.

(Photo = provided by the Korean Embassy in the UAE, Yonhap News)

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