Korean man pleads guilty to ’emotional abuse’ before boyfriend commits suicide


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▲ Boston Suffolk County Courthouse

A Korean-American woman accused of manslaughter in the U.S. in connection with the suicide of her boyfriend has avoided prison sentences instead of pleading guilty.

According to reports such as Reuters, a 23-year-old college student, A, pleaded guilty in a Suffolk County Courthouse in Boston on the 23rd local time and was sentenced to two years and six months probation and 10 years of probation.

Mr. A, who received probation as a result of a plea bargain with the prosecution, that is, a plea agreement with the prosecution, was not required to go to prison if he complied with the probation period, Reuters reported.

Previously, the prosecution indicted Mr. A on charges of verbally, emotionally and mentally abusing his boyfriend, who was attending the same university, and encouraging suicide.

Prosecutors believe that Mr. A sent 47,130 text messages during the last two months of his 18 months dating her boyfriend, emotionally abusing her, and pressuring suicide with expressions such as “get out and die”.

A’s boyfriend died by jumping from a parking lot ahead of his graduation ceremony in May 2019.

This case was similar to the case of Michelle Carter, who was sentenced to prison for manslaughter in 2017 after being charged with encouraging suicide by sending a text message to her boyfriend because she wanted to be noticed as the female lead of a tragic story.

(Photo = Court website capture, Yonhap News)

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