James Franco: actor who played Harry Osborn in Spiderman, admits to sleeping with students


James Franco admits for the first time who had sexual relations with students from acting courses, and also confesses that he is receiving treatment for his sex addiction.

Various women They have already accused him of sexual abuse, and a group of students denounced the actor for take advantage of sex of the students he had at Studio 4 school.

Although he always denied these allegations, in an interview he did for the Jess Cagle podcast, the actor acknowledges that he slept with several students and admits “it was wrong.”

“I guess then I thought that if it was spoiled it was fine”, He said.

The lawsuits made (in 2019) by Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal, who were Franco’s students in 2014, ensured that the actor gave lessons on bed scenes, which consisted of “simulations of sexual acts that they went much further of industry standards. “

The complaint was joined by more students from his course, the students indicated that James Franco planned an alleged filming of an orgy, in which removed the plastic protections that covered women’s vaginas before simulating oral sex.

In addition, the actor was accused of record women in their rehearsals, and reaching out to young women by promising jobs on Hollywood projects that never materialized.

The actor who played Harry Osborn in the Tobey Maguire trilogy, reached an agreement with the victims under the sum of 2.3 million dollars, amount that was distributed among those affected.

Franco also said in the interview that he had gone to therapy for treat your sex addiction, and added that with that addiction he covered his alcoholism.

“The attention of women, success among women, also became an important source of validation for me. The problem was that, as with any drug, it is never enough “, explained.

The actor’s controversies began in 2018, when at the Golden Globes that year, where he won the best actor award, for the comedy “The Disaster Artist” (2017), Franco appeared on the red carpet with a pin of ” Time’s Up “.

During the ceremony, the actresses denounced on social networks the hypocrisy of the actor in wearing that badge, as they assured that he was responsible for sexual abuse in the past.

Those Golden Globes were the first awards to be held after the feminist drive against sexual assault of the movement #MeToo and practically all the attendees dressed in black to show their rejection of machismo.



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