GZSZ: Mega surprise before Christmas!


The GZSZ fans have every reason to be happy: Around seven months after a series has ended, a popular actor is now returning to the Daily!

GZSZ: mega comeback for Christmas

He was part of the GZSZ cast for just a few weeks, but in this short time he promptly played himself into the hearts of the audience! We’re talking about actor Lars Pape, who until May 2021 in the role of Yvonnes (Gisa Zach) Ex-Mann Michi was seen. Most recently, the craftsman fell in love with Maren (Eva Mona Rodekirchen) and made her without further ado even a marriage proposalWhich of course she refused. Left hurt Michi Berlin.

An exit that not all GZSZ fans agreed to – on the contrary: Lars Pape enjoyed huge popularity in his role and so the viewers of the RTL Daily thought it was a shame Michi not to be seen permanently on the Kolle-Kiez. The joy about this news should be all the greater, because: Michi is actually returning to Berlin – and soon!



GZSZ: happy ending for Maren and Michi?

Lars Pape revealed in an interview with RTL what his comeback will look like:

Michi is actually on the way to Prague to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a few friends. But since he knows about Yvonne’s illness, he wants to get an idea of ​​it personally. He then realizes relatively quickly that he is needed and decides to stay with Yvonne in Berlin for New Year’s Eve.

But that’s not all: also on one Happy ending in between Michi and Maren The GZSZ fans can obviously hope again: “Michi took Maren’s rebuff relatively athletically, but he never really got it out of his head. He’s not coming back to Berlin because of her, but Michi wouldn’t be Michi-Man if he excluded something from the start. For that her affair simply had too many wild moments at the time … “, This is the telling statement of the actor, who says he is very happy to be back in front of the camera for the successful previous evening series:

Honestly?! When the call came with the request, I was really speechless for a moment. With excitement and happiness. I find it such a great gift to be able to come back. And I really missed Michi, the colleagues in front of and behind the camera and the studio. I just feel like GZSZ every day and have to pinch myself again and again when I enter the venerable film studio area in Potsdam Babelsberg in the morning.

The fact that Lars Pape is still in front of the camera every day could indicate that his comeback at GZSZ will last – and that should surely please the fans of the Daily incredibly!

GZSZ runs Monday to Friday at 7:40 p.m. on RTL and anytime in advance RTL +.

Sources used: RTL

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