‘Ganghwa Seolganghwa’, who said, “If you watch the broadcast, misunderstandings will be cleared up”, ‘Super Gangsu’ has been moved up to episode 5


The JTBC drama ‘Seolganghwa’, which is being criticized by public opinion for its historical distortion controversy, is scheduled to be aired ahead of time.

On the 23rd, ‘Seollganghwa’ side announced that it would air from the 24th to the 26th for three days, from episodes 3 to 5. Originally, the drama, which was originally aired twice a week, once on Saturday and Sunday, was temporarily aired three times a week.

‘Seolganghwa’, which had raised concerns about denigrating the democratization movement and beautifying the Ministry of National Security since the production stage, has been aggravated by controversy since its first broadcast on the 18th. It was pointed out that the female protagonist who helps the male protagonist, who is an operative of the South Korean faction, as a student of an activism movement, and the National Security Agency agent who has the same personality as a real spy, are not distorting history.

As the controversy grew, the petition demanding the cessation of the broadcast of ‘Seolganghwa’ gained more than 300,000 consent within two days, and in response to protests from viewers, companies one after another stopped supporting drama production and advertising. There were also complaints from the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission) to investigate the production team of ‘Sol Ganghwa’ and JTBC for violating the National Security Act.

Amid the heated controversy, ‘Solganghwa’ side said, “The concerns about ‘distortion of history’ and ‘disparagement of the democratization movement’ will be resolved in the course of the future drama development.”

In the end, ‘Seolganghwa’ side said that it would release the future development to viewers as soon as possible and clear up any misunderstandings, and put out a super strong stream of up to 5 episodes when episodes 3 and 4 should be aired.

Regarding the special programming of the 3rd episode, JTBC said, “The controversy over ‘Snow Ganghwa’ continues. Due to the nature of the broadcast drama, it is impossible to reveal all the narratives at once, so it seems that a misunderstanding originated from the initial development.” In order to alleviate the concerns of the viewers, we decided to make a special broadcast ahead of schedule.”

He continued, “In episodes 3 and 5 of ‘Seolganghwa’, which will be aired for three days from the 24th (Fri) to the 26th (Sunday), the background of the South Korean agent Suho (Jung Haein) appearing in South Korea and the reality of undue power is stripped away, and the initial setting and In the drama, it is revealed that the Ministry of Security and Security is the main agent of bringing in South Korean agents to South Korea, and the North and South Korean leaders are vying for power and money, respectively, in earnest. Their stories are unfolding,” he said.

He continued, “JTBC respects various perspectives and opinions on content. To hear the opinions of viewers, we are listening to various voices on the viewer’s bulletin board and real-time chat window on the portal site. is,” he said.

Correspondent Kang Seon-ae

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)


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