Frank Otto: Nathalie Volks Ex talks about the new woman at his side


Frank Otto
He talks about the new woman at his side

Frank Otto and Sonja Brugger

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Is Frank Otto taken again? In the past few weeks he has appeared in public with Sonja Brugger. Now he’s talking about the new woman at his side.

Frank Otto, 64, was with the former GNTM candidate Nathalie Volk, 24, alias Miranda DiGrande from 2015 to 2020. Since their separation, the mail-order heir is actually single, but in October 2021 Frank and a blonde woman attended the “Zeppelin” musical in the Neuschwanstein Festival Hall. The two posed arm in arm and smiled warmly into the cameras.

The woman is said to be the bank clerk and mother of two Sonja Brugger, as “Frau im Spiegel” claims to have found out. But are they a couple? Frank Otto explains.

Is Frank Otto taken again?

Frank Otto and his ex-fiancée Nathalie broke up on friendly terms. While she’s pursuing her modeling career in New York, she even lives in Frank’s apartment on the Big Apple. They are still in contact, as he told “Frau im Spiegel”: “Sometimes we hear from each other several times a week.” And how does he feel about Sonja?

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Frank Otto: That’s what he says about the new woman at his side

He even goes into raptures about Sonja Brugger, who is said to be a close friend of Ralph Siegel. “She is a good-hearted person and we enjoy the time together.” But the two are not a couple, Frank now reveals “Bild”. “I think the woman is good. But I don’t think about a relationship,” said the 64-year-old.

He wants to continue to enjoy his “single life” and concentrate on himself. In addition, a relationship is apparently difficult for logistical reasons, because he sums up: “She lives in southern Germany and I in the north. We meet occasionally.”

Echo Award in Berlin

Frank Otto was married to the news anchor and presenter Sandra Maahn, 53, until 2001. They have two children together. In 2008 he and Stefanie Volkmer stepped in front of the altar, and Frank also has two children with her.

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