“Even in Italy, Omicron is the dominant species”


In Italy, the novel coronavirus mutant Omicron is expected to become the dominant species in the near future.

According to statistics from the National Institute of Advanced Health (ISS) in Italy, as of the 6th of this month local time, the percentage of omicron mutations in the total number of confirmed cases was only 0.19%, but it soared to 28% on the 20th.

Italy is also showing a pattern of doubling the number of infections every two days.

Silvio Brusapero, Director of the ISS, said, “This is a preliminary figure before the official announcement, but it is a statistic that supports the fact that the omicron mutation is spreading at a very fast rate.”

Based on these statistics from the ISS, the Italian government will hold a quarantine meeting presided over by Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the afternoon of the 23rd to confirm follow-up restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus during the Christmas season and the year-end and New Year holidays.

According to Reuters, the Cabinet is expected to approve a proposal to make the use of outdoor masks nationally compulsory and reduce the validity of vaccine passes from nine months to six months, according to Reuters.

It is known that a plan to ban all outdoor festivals with large crowds by the 31st of this month while closing discotheques and nightclubs is also being considered strongly.

A proposal to make vaccination mandatory for all civil servants regardless of occupation will also be discussed, ANSA news agency reported.

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