EU Deputy Secretary-General Mora says Iran nuclear talks will resume on 27th


Talks to restore the Iranian nuclear agreement (JCPOA, Comprehensive Plan of Action) will resume on the 27th local time.

“The Iranian nuclear deal negotiators will meet on December 27 to discuss and determine the path forward,” said Enrique Mora, deputy secretary-general of the European Union’s foreign affairs agency, who chaired the negotiations.

Deputy Secretary-General Mora added, “At the eighth summit, we plan to speed up discussions on major differences.

The seventh round of talks to restore the Iran nuclear deal ended on the 17th.

After the 7th round of talks, the western participants such as Britain, France and Germany issued a joint statement saying, “There is not much time left until the key agreement to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons disappears.” It has to be done,” he urged.

Talks on the restoration of the Iran nuclear deal were suspended in June this year, but resumed on the 29th of last month after five months.

Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and Iran participate in the talks, and the US, which Iran refused to talk to, is participating indirectly through Western countries.

During the hiatus, Iran advanced its nuclear program, including enriching it to a concentration of 60% uranium.

Iran’s new hardline regime, which took office in August, is struggling with negotiations as it resumes negotiations, demanding conditions beyond the existing agreement along with the lifting of pre-emptive sanctions.

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