Drunk driving car kills mother and daughter on their way home from work


A man in his 30s, who was driving under the influence of alcohol, collided with two vehicles while driving in the reverse direction in a tunnel. The drivers of the victims were mother and daughter who worked together and went to work in their own cars, but their 20-year-old daughter died.

This is KNN reporter Hwang Bo-ram.

Dawn time Yangjeong Tunnel in Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do.

A collision occurred in front of a moving vehicle, and smoke billowed out.

A reverse-driving vehicle driven in a drunken state by a male driver in his 30s collided with two vehicles one after another.

In the accident, a woman in her 20s in the vehicle that collided first died on the spot, and a woman in her 40s in the vehicle that followed was also injured.

The offending vehicle entered the tunnel while driving in the opposite direction, not the lane that normally enters the tunnel.

[구용길/거제경찰서 경비교통과장 : 가해 차량이 당시 음주 상태로 좌회전할 때 역주행 차로를 이용해 들어가서 약 1.6km 음주 상태로 진행하다가 마주 오던 피해 차량과 충돌을 해서…]

The vehicles in the accident were driven by a mother and a daughter on their way home from work after work at the store.

The 27-year-old Ok Mo, who passed away, was a kinder daughter than anyone who came down from Seoul to her hometown to help her parents with the store after the Corona 19 incident.

The family members of the bereaved family cannot hide their sorrow over Mr. Ok’s unfair death due to drunken driving backwards.

[숨진 딸 어머니 (피해 차량 운전자) : 딸이 원래 서울에 있다가 거제도 집에 내려오면서 일을 도와준다고 있었죠. 정말 억울하게 당한 사고라 부모로서 미안할 따름입니다. 딸한테.]

The police plan to investigate the exact circumstances of the accident and apply for an arrest warrant as soon as the driver of the perpetrator vehicle recovers, who is hospitalized with a broken leg.


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