“Critical patients after 20 days, empty the bed” More than half of the patients did not respond, ‘confusion’


I delivered the news yesterday (22nd) that the government had asked corona patients who have been in intensive care beds for more than 20 days to empty their beds. Confusion continues between medical staff who are forced to let go and patients who refuse to leave.

Correspondent Park Jae-hyun.

This is a government order sent to 210 corona patients who are hospitalized in critically ill beds.

20 days after the onset of symptoms, the possibility of transmission of the infection has decreased, so you should move to a general ward.

[박영준/중앙방역대책본부 역학조사팀장 : (증상 발현) 20일 이후에는 전파력들이 거의 지속되거나 이러한 근거들이 아직은 없기 때문에 관련 근거, 전문가 논의를 거쳐서….]

89 patients have already moved rooms or are undergoing all-out procedures. It is only 42% of the total.

63 patients are expected to submit an affidavit stating the reason why they cannot leave the ward through the medical staff.

It is known that the rest of the patients also objected, saying that there was an error in calculating the period of 20 days.

Patients and their families are pouring complaints into online cafes, saying, “The government does not consider the patient’s condition and is trying to push it down unconditionally.”

As the backlash grew stronger, the government announced today that it would not take all measures based on the date of the 20th.

He also explained that even if critically ill patients move from one room to another, they do not stop treatment, but only lift isolation.

Regarding this, the on-site medical staff said in a phone call with SBS, “Even if the corona infection power has dropped, most patients have weakened immunity due to long-term illness. .

They understand that it is the government’s hard work to solve the shortage of beds, but they pointed out that they should also consider ways to reduce the concerns of patients.

(Video coverage: Yoo Dong-hyuk, video editing: Park Jin-hoon)


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